Welcome to the wilds! New Jersey for me was like crossing the border into Tijuana. Sure, the new lifestyle was crazy, but no one would ever admit to living there. When my husband’s job was relocated here in August 2010, we both were frightened. Now we’re learning about life, love, and marriage in this strange new culture. Feel free to tag along for the adventure.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Outlaws Yesterday and Today a Daredevil

No, I am not the daredevil. The most thrilling thing I did yesterday was walk through my little community and hold my breath as three state cops passed me. I had just recently posted about being an outlaw, and got the feeling at the pit of my stomach like I had just been speeding on the highway...and they were about to pull me over. Then, I realized they would probably not need three state cops to apprehend me...after all I'm not a triple threat, or am I?

Anyways, today's daredevil hails from Pennsylvania, and is one of my most dedicated readers.. He sent this to me yesterday and I just had to post it for everyone to see! He actually jumped out of a plane! Watch the anguish in his face just before the jump; you can see the nerves. My heart actually stopped when he dove into the air. But this story has a happy ending, he did survive!!!!

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