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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rock N’ Rollers

There are things like big hair and leggings that should have stayed in the 80’s where they belonged. However, Roller Derby is not one of them. In fact, if you have never been to a “jam,” I encourage you to take the plunge. What other sport can women dress slutty, wear make-up and jewelry, skate in a circle, and throw punches? Okay, they don’t really “throw" punches or elbows or any other appendage. It's against the rules. But it’s important to remember, rules are there because people break them.

My husband and I found ourselves both amazed and entertained for the entire one hour game. It started with a brief overview. The Skyland Rollers and the Derby Dames actually skated in a mock jam while the announcer explained the rules and scoring. I found this video on youtube, and while the music and effects are cheesy, it’s a great introduction.

Now, one of my favorite parts of the game was trying to read everyone’s derby names. There were all sorts: Madame Menace, Doom Hilda, Daisy Duke Nukem, etc. And I began to ponder, if I were a roller girl what my name would be. Mind you that as I mentioned previously I have the killer instincts of a sun flower…

So far my list includes:

Jessy Homecky
Jersey Justice

Any suggestions? Or have you considered what your derby name would be? If you’ve never been to a game, watch the clip below or rent Whip it and think about what really exemplifies your competitive nature…

And just in case I’ve inspired you to check out a game. Here’s a link to all girls’ roller derbies across the country!

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